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Storage Solution for pH Meter Electrode


Storage Solution for pH Electrode

Prepared with reagent-grade chemicals, this storage solution can be used to ensure optimum performance of your pH and ORP electrodes.

pH electrodes should be stored in a solution in order to keep the glass membrane of the pH electrode hydrated. Ideally a storage solution should be used - never store an electrode in distilled or deionized water. This storage solution is specifically formulated to minimize microbial growth and to prevent any diffusion/osmotic effects from storing a probe in a solution with the highly concentrated inner reference electrolyte. Storing your pH and/or ORP electrodes in a storage solution will also keep the junction clear. Maintaining the hydrated layer and clear junction will help to ensure a fast and reliable measurement. Soaking the electrode in this storage solution is recommended for at least one hour before taking measurements.

  • Special formulation to minimize microbial growth and osmotic/diffusion effects between the solution and inner reference electrolyte
  • Manufactured specifically for pH and ORP electrodes

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