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* New Specials available - don't miss out! *

Gako PM jar 125ml HV+LV

by Gako

PM jar 125ml HV+LV for use with the Gako PM140 Planetary Mixer

The gako PM jar 125ml HV+LV is a disposable jar with a fixed bottom, designed to be used mainly for the melting of suppository preparations and for mixing more fluid formulas – but it can also be used for other preparations like creams, ointments, and gels.

When the device is operated in room temperature, the contents can reach up to 40 °C. In case the prescription requires higher temperatures, external heat can be applied to the gako PM jar 125ml HV+LV (up to 80°C) by using a hot water bath.


  • Internal Nominal Volume: 180ml
  • Maximum capacity for Mixing: 125ml
  • Bottom: Stable
  • Sterility: STERILE (each jar is packaged individually)
  • Applications: Deaeration, Mixing and Melting
  • EMP Suitability: No, cannot be used with the Gako EMP machine
  • Mixing time: Up to 15 minutes for melting; up to 1 minute for mixing and deaeration
  • Suitable Dosage Forms: • Ointment • Cream • Gel • Lotion • Suppository • Insert
  • Can be used as primary packaging for dispensing to the patient


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