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* New Specials available - don't miss out! *

Gako PM jar 100ml HV

by Gako

PM jar 100ml HV for use with the Gako PM140 Planetary Mixer

The Gako PM jar 100ml HV is a sterile and disposable jar composed of polypropylene, and it is specifically designed to be used in the deaeration and mixing processes of gels, creams, and ointments. 

This extra volume is necessary to allow the particles to move through the process, and promote its features. The PM jar presents a movable bottom. After the preparation, the remaining volume can be eliminated by pushing the bottom upwards, reducing air contact.

It is also compatible with gako EMP devices, enabling it to be used with low-soluble APIs and to prepare suspension formulas. It, therefore, eliminates the need to transfer the compound from the EMP jar to the PM jar 100ml HV. Since the jars are made of a disposable material, they can also be used as a primary package to deliver to the patient, reducing the tools to be cleaned, saving time, and avoiding material loss during the transfer phase.


  • Internal Nominal Volume: 140ml
  • Maximum capacity for Mixing: 100ml
  • Bottom: Movable
  • Sterility: STERILE (each jar is packaged individually)
  • Applications: Deaeration, Mixing
  • EMP Suitability: yes, can be used with the Gako EMP machine
  • Mixing time: Up to 1 minute
  • Suitable Dosage Forms: • Ointment • Cream • Gel
  • Can be used as primary packaging for dispensing to the patient


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