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AMAZING SPECIAL: Topi-Click 35ml Dispenser - Pink (250/pk)

SKU 4-TOPI-C-691441

This is an amazing special offer on Topi-Click PINK ONLY, 250/pk. Don't miss out!

Topi-CLICK® 35 is a smart, effective topical dosing applicator designed to overcome the various limitations associated with pumps, syringes, tubes, tubs and jars. 

  • Metered cream/gel dispenser for volumes of 5mL to 35mL
  • Each quarter turn (one complete click) dispenses a complete metered volume of 0.25mL within +/-10%
  • Medical grade polypropylene
  • UV block is embedded into plastic to protect light-sensitive topicals
  • Disposable - can only be filled once
  • Elegant design
  • 1 port
  • Refill indication line for patient notification
  • Helps to improve compliance due to ease of use

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